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What We Need to Know about Mental Health

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This program  will open powerful dialogue and provide resources and understanding about kids, families and mental health.

Shattering Stigma™ conferences are designed for young adult (college or high school) students; parents; teachers and other school staff; people who have little or no experience with mental illness; and/or those who live with mental illness and family and friends with loved ones who struggle.

Why Mental Health?

As parents, we eventually figure out stuff like potty training, manners, kids sports and homework. But what about….

… Stress. Anxiety. Depression.

Or bipolar disorder, suicidal thoughts, self-harm and substance abuse?

The pressure is always on for our kids to perform, and for parents to act like everything is “fine,” when really our kids may be struggling, or their friends are struggling, with tough mental health issues. Too often, when the issue is mental health, we feel helpless. Mental health can be hard to talk about, and hard to find information on.

What’s normal? When should we be worried, and when should we get help? How do we work with the school when mental health is a challenge? Where do we get help?

Mental health issues in the high school and college years are common, and can significantly affect student retention and growth. Today’s young adults are open to and aware of mental health issues far more than previous generations. They know their friends are struggling, and they know when they are struggling.

Students are ready for more information, they want to understand, and they want to help.

Shattering Stigma with Stories creates a safe space to hear the hearts and personal stories behind mental health diagnoses as well as expert advice to equip communities to be more effective helping those who struggle with mental health issues.

Attendees will gain:

  • Better awareness of common mental health challenges faced by children and teens
  • Information on brain/mental health development in children and teens
  • Deeper understanding of life with mental health challenges
  • Increased skills and confidence to respond compassionately and advocate effectively for those who live with mental illness and their families or friends.

Speakers may include:

  • Parents of kids with mental health challenges
  • Expert therapists, educators and advocates
  • College kids and young adults who’ve “been there” with mental illness

What Happens at Shattering Stigma with Stories Events?

  • Impactful interactive exercises designed to shatter the stigma of mental illness
  • Keynote speakers providing expert presentations, which may include trainings on topics such as suicide prevention and trauma.
  • Personal stories from people who may live with mental health challenges such as:  ✦ Anorexia/Eating disorders ✦ Alcoholism/substance abuse ✦ Depression/Anxiety ✦ Bipolar disorder ✦ and caregivers and family members
  • Facilitated panels of parents/family members and professionals
  • Opportunities for families with similar experiences to connect with each other for support

About Tara Rolstad, Founder of Shattering Stigma

Tara Rolstad is first a family member and a mental health advocate who has helped raise three nieces who have lived with severe mental illness. She is also Founder and Chief Truth-Teller of Shattering Stigma with Stories: Understanding Mental Health, conference experiences which have reached more than 1200 people. Tara is also a professional speaker, author and comedian who helps audiences understand the issues of families with mental health challenges, and connects them with practical ways to help.

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