These are links and resources that I have found indispensably helpful, or have had recommended to me as such by someone I trust. Feel free to shoot me a message to suggest others for consideration.

National Alliance on Mental Illness;

  • lots of info about mental illness, can also connect you with local and state organizations, and info on NAMI Faithnet, resources for faith communities

National Alliance on Mental Illness, Oregon;

  • up-to-date on many activities in the state, including at the legislative level, and connects you with local affiliates and information

National Alliance on Mental Illness, Clackamas County (my local affiliate);

  • great free local classes and trainings

  • Learn about and register for great trainings about suicide prevention, and for Mental Health First Aid (adult and youth versions), offered free of charge from your local mental health programs at Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington Counties.


  • peer support and recovery-focused social programs

Saddleback Church’s Gathering on Mental Health and the Church;

  • video archives of conferences in March 2014, and October 2015

Baby Blues Connection;

  • NW organization provides information and support to women experiencing postpartum and pregnancy mood disorders

Live Again;

  • Portland-based organization offering suicide prevention and training

Mental Health Ministries;

  • great resource section!

Do you need help right now? I’m not a health professional, and I don’t monitor this site 24/7, but I want you to get the help you need.

If you are Oregon local, call the Clackamas County Urgent Mental Health Walk-In Center, crisis line (503) 655-8585; the David Romprey Warm Line: 1-800-697-2392; Multnomah County crisis line: 503-988-4888; or Washington County: 503-291-9111.

Or call 911, or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255.