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Tara two handsShattering Stigma founder Tara Rolstad is available for speaking or comedy engagements. She has emceed many fundraisers, performed stand-up comedy for crowds of more than 300 (and awkwardly once for a conference room of 9) and spoken to many audiences, sharing her experiences and her unique viewpoint. She is passionate, funny, and engaging, always seeking to connect those who hear her with new ways of looking at mental health, our brains, and life.

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Nothing prepared Tara Rolstad for the shocking surprises she faced as foster mom to a teenage niece with severe mental illness. Navigating suicide attempts, hospitalizations and lengthy residential treatment stays thrust Tara into trial-by-fire situations not covered in any conventional parenting book or stay-at-home-mom manual. Eventually, she realized that while she was, in fact, a terrible housekeeper she was a pretty great advocate.

After years in the trenches of serious mental illness, Tara became passionate about changing the way we (don’t) talk about mental health, bringing this tough topic into the open amd making sure no one struggles in silence. She founded a conference called Shattering Stigma: Mental Health & The Church, which she brings to churches and faith communities through this site, and speaks to businesses, conferences and organizations.

In addition, Tara performs stand-up comedy with Stand Up for Mental Health Oregon, and coauthored a book “No, Really, We Want You to Laugh”, telling her story and that of several¬†fellow comics. Now as a comic, speaker and writer she gives voice to the experiences of exhausted family members. Tara lives in the Portland, Oregon suburbs with her husband David and their three boys, all of whom are hilarious.

Tara is a funny, passionate, and powerful speaker.
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Tara is available to speak on:

  • her experiences as a family member of teens and young adults living with mental illness;
  • the role of faith in coping with challenges such as mental illness;
  • her transformational experience learning to do stand-up comedy;
  • and comedy, mental health, creativity and productivity.


Tara’s comedy is clean, hilarious and slightly nerdy. (Science, NPR and parenting, anyone?) She began doing stand-up comedy a few years ago as part of a program called Stand Up for Mental Health. Since then, she has performed around the Portland area for fundraisers meetings and conventions, and she has helped facilitate additional comedy classes for people living with mental health challenges and their family members for Stand Up for Mental Health Oregon, along with her comedy partner Dave Mowry. She and Dave co-wrote a book called “No, Really, We Want You to Laugh” on the transformational experience of performing comedy, sharing their stories and those of some of the comics they have trained.

Tara is available for comedy performances, and can even bring in a whole comedy troupe to perform for your event. She is also available to emcee your event. For more information, contact Tara now!