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Loving someone with mental illness well can be brutally difficult. As a family member of loved ones with mental illness, I am well aware that sometimes I’ve been part of the problem. Sometimes, no matter how much I loved them, I haven’t known how to help. Occasionally, out of my own fear or anxiety or lack of skills, I’ve even made it worse.

I’ve worked really hard to learn how to best love my family members with mental illness, and I’ve learned that although it can be scary and uncertain, it can make all the difference.

For a person with mental health challenges, just having one person in their life that is a constant loving presence can be central to their ability to recover and heal. 1 in 4 adults will experience mental illness at some point in their lives, so unless you are a hermit, you will have an opportunity at some point in your life to be someone’s “one”. That’s why at the upcoming Shattering Stigma regional conference on January 30, we are focusing on practical helping skills, how to have hard conversations, and how best to love people with mental health issues. (Registration is open now!)

Today, I want you to hear from Curtis Rockhold. His wife Kelcey spoke powerfully at last year’s Shattering Stigma conference about her experience with schizoaffective disorder. She is also an inspiring, amazing writer, and I highly recommend you read through her blog. You will be changed.

Kelcey’s “one” is her husband Curtis, and on her blog he shares a little of his experience walking alongside Kelcey as they learn to live a life of healing and love alongside her illness. Check it out, and then go register for the conference so you are ready to be someone’s “one”!

Read it now:

Curtis Rockhold, on his wife Kelcey’s blog, Writings from the Raven’s Desk


Now go register for the conference!